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Oyster Fashion: ‘Bright Eyes’ Shot By Anna Victoria Best

junko shimada S/S 09

Detail at Anna Sui S/S 2015

today’s lewk 💁
oh my goodness i am so bored and am drinking all of the wine someone talk w me

Ah, every once in a while I like to lay my thoughts out here on tumblr.. I don’t keep a journal of any sort and I feel so mentally scattered all of the time. Hard to keep everything in perspective when most days I can’t remember anything of any importance if I don’t jot it down and tape it in front of me.

Been working a new job at Vancouver brunch Mecca, Cafe Medina, and it’s positively wild. Two hour line-ups are not uncommon on weekends, we’ve been known to make $8000 on Mondays in the 7 hours our kitchen stays open. It’s just non-stop. Working full-time but doing three jobs, really: Sunday/Monday I’m barista, Tuesday/Saturday I’m server’s assistant, and Friday I serve the bar. Couldn’t do it without the variation in tasking, shit is exhausting. Averaging around $19 an hour with tips and putting almost 100% of those earnings into savings right now to take down to California.. I leave next Wednesday!

Heading down to the Santa Ana area with two people I’ve spent a grand total of about 4 hours with, give or take. I’ve met Ashley twice and Lucas once. Not feeling nervous per se about traveling with them so much as starting to feel the pressure of not having found anywhere to stay in San Francisco (if you can hook me up with a couch, get at me!) and having only a maybe in Costa Mesa (a photographer I only sort of know in the area is hooking us up with a church to stay in???? What?!). I’m really looking forward to the adventure, spending time with some new people. Always a joy to spend time in Cali, especially since Aaron and I took a different route South this spring. Looking forward, obviously, to Beach Goth, but super hyped to spend a day in San Fran checking out galleries (Campfire Gallery! Dima Drjuchin!) and spending all of my extra money on at Amoeba.

I always love having these little breaks from home life as it’s pretty quiet around Vancouver for me. Job wears me out and most nights I get home, cook dinner with Aaron and proceed just to sit around. Recently came into a fucking giant stack of vintage Life magazines and some ridiculously exciting tips from a fellow collage artist of the Brooklyn Collage Collective, though, and am excited as fuck to get back, pick up new supplies and go to town on a mass of new work. I don’t know why it took me so long to start hunting around for artists working in the same medium I do but it feels like a door has just been blown open. Have set a personal goal of landing a show with them on the east coast by 2015, which leads me to my next stream of thought..

When I turn 25 in June of 2015 I have access to the remnants of my education fund. If you don’t know me, I’ve dropped out of university twice, and have no real scholarly aspirations to speak of. I love art. I love music. I love community. I slack a bit, but you know, I truly believe that when I feel I can focus, I’m going to kill it in whatever I choose to do, with or without a degree. I’m going to take that fund, buy myself an incredible camper van, let the Davidson brothers work their magic (bf is into motorcycle & vintage customizations, his brother does upholstery), and spend 6 months to a year travelling from Northern Canada & Alaska, over to the east coast, down to the Southern states.. mark my word. And I’m going to bring my damn collages with me and show them to as many people as I can. All the while I’m going to document the shit out of everything I see. And it’s going to be glorious.

Long story short, I’m feeling very excitable and very inspired these days. I’m finally in a place where I’m making a wage that lines up with the effort that goes into the job and it is enabling a growing travel fund that, in three weeks, rivals what I put aside in 6 months of tips at my previous job. Feels good, y’all! Thanks for reading and maybe even caring and you know, if you want to see pictures and art updates or whatever at all, I post more personal photos at gonegonefoto and of course on instagram. Cheers!!

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Anoka Faruqee 2013P-83 (Wave), 2013 Acrylic on linen on panel 45 x 45 in