Bruna TenórioColcci SS15 SPFW

Reaper by Justin Dion

Those coloursssss
  • me when work gives me like no hours: this is bullahit. I don't even have a job. I hate my fucking job. I need more hours
  • me when they call me to pick up shifts: how dare you call me when you gave me no hours. If you wanted me to work you should have scheduled me. I'm not coming in.
  • me: I need more hours... This is bullshit
  • me when a coworker asks me to take their shift: um I can't haha sorry
  • me when they give me a bunch of hours: I can't believe they gave me so many hours. I literally can't do this this is bullshit.
  • me when I actually have to go to work: I want to die. What if I just don't show up. I want to call off and I hate my life.
  • the next day: I need more hours. I have no money and I'm tired of this bullshiy....
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Apollonia Saintclair 511 - L’extatique (The ecstatic)

Inspired by a picture of gonorrox


Oats in the Water. (by ♡Anita Kurkach♡)

hair envy in the worst way

Flore Kunst